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We are a family, full of joy, wholeheartedly surrendered to Jesus and wildly in love with his presence!
God’s love inspires and propels us to take the gospel into all the world. From remote mountain villages to Ivy League universities. Our passion is the presence of Jesus. Our goal is revival that leads to reformation.

God created you with unique passion and skills. Fire & Fragrance offers skill tracks as a part of our DTS.
Check out the tracks we offer below. You can choose one or just apply to the general DTS.

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Music Track

Music is the language of this generation. For those of us with musical talents, we have a special opportunity to speak to the hearts of the lost and broken in a way that can tear down walls and allow their hearts to hear the Gospel. The Music Track is designed to raise up musicians that are committed to loving God and using their gifts to impact the world. This impact is not limited to a specific style, but rather unified by our commitment to creatively express the heart of God with character and excellence.

Media Track

The Media Track is for storytellers who want to give our generation permission to wildly follow Jesus with all their heart. We will using our skills in photography, film making, design and storytelling to work on creating social media campaigns, short films and podcasts that highlight God’s story in our lives and in the nations. Bring your cameras, drones and microphones. Come ready to collaborate, develop your skills and be pushed to create real content as a part of the Fire & Fragrance Media Team.

Check out the video
Check out the video

Respect the Corners

Respect the Corners exists to raise up godly mentors and courageous pioneers who will use the the platform of fitness to exalt the name of Jesus in the nations of the earth. Through God’s power, and our obedience, many lives will be transformed. We will equip Functional Fitness trainers to be dynamic, life changing coaches who through their lives will impact the lost, make new disciples and never stop giving their lives for the Gospel. We desire to dethrone safe, self-focused living and we exalt Jesus by laying down our lives for the least, last, and the lost. We will use our fitness to bring the gospel to the hardest places on earth to reach.

Compassion Ablaze

Compassion Ablaze demonstrates the love of Jesus through acts of mercy. Our heart is for the margins of society and for issues of injustice – for women and children-at-risk, those caught in the trap of systemic poverty, those without a voice, the homeless, those struggling with life addictions, and those have been sexually abused, trafficked or enslaved. We don’t just want to talk about bringing the joy and freedom of the Gospel to the hard places, we want to actually do it, to do whatever it takes to bring the presence and fragrance of heaven to those too often forgotten.

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Check out the video

Community Development

The Community Development track is designed to teach you how to teach others about sustainable, natural farming. You will learn principles which can be taken on the mission field, urban areas, rural areas and even your own back yard. You will learn by doing it hands on! Come learn more about how to better steward what our Creator has given us. Our aim is to teach students these things so that they can teach others. What better way to show the love of God than by meeting felt needs which leads to addressing spiritual needs. As you learn these principles you will have opportunities to share them in real situations.


Powerful communicators galvanize people towards action. Learn the importance of living your message. Transform communities through discipleship. Get the coaching you need to become a dynamic communicator and help people experience the love and truth of God.

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Choose Program Period



Arrival Day: Sept 28, 2023

Outreach Start: Dec 21, 2023

Graduation: Mar 7, 2024

Departure Day: Mar 8, 2024


Arrival Day: Apr 6, 2023

Outreach Start: Jun 29, 2023

Graduation: Sept 14, 2023

Departure Day: Sept 15, 2023


Arrival Day: Jan 5, 2023

Outreach Start: Mar 30, 2023

Graduation Day: Jun 15, 2023

Departure Day: Jun 16, 2023


Arrival Day: September 29, 2022

Outreach Start: December 22, 2022

Graduation: March 9, 2023

Departure Day: March 10, 2023


Arrival Day: January 6, 2022

Outreach Start: March 31, 2022

Graduation: June 16, 2022

Departure Day: June 17 2022


  • Arrival Day: Apr 07, 2022
  • Outreach Start: Jun 30, 2022
  • Graduation: Sept 15, 2022
  • Departure Day: Sept 16, 2022


Arrival day: Jan 7
Outreach starts: April 1
Outreach ends: June 10
Graduation: June 18


  • Arrival Day: Sept 30, 2021
  • Outreach Start: Dec 23, 2021
  • Graduation: Mar 10, 2022
  • Departure Date: March 12, 2022


Arrival day: April 8
Outreach starts: July 1
Outreach ends: Sept 10
Graduation: Sept 17


Training Phase: $3,995

Outreach Phase: $4,000–6,000




All applicants must be at least 18 years old by enrollment date.

In accordance with State Law, all students and student children must present proof of age appropriate vaccinations in order to attend any program at the University of the Nations—YWAM Kona. Please click here for the vaccination requirements.

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Our Focus

As Fire & Fragrance our passion is the presence of Jesus. Intimacy with him is our highest goal and the center of everything we do! Our mission is to launch fiery eyed revivalists into the nations—close knit groups of friends—who are dedicated to falling more in love with Jesus and seeing the lost encounter his love. 

As a school we feel super excited to offer training from our heroes like Todd White, Banning Liebscher, Dominic Russo, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, and Teo Hayashi. We want to offer more than just classroom learning so we have focused on building holistic training that challenges every area of your life. Through serving campus in practical work duties, community outreach, extended times of prayer and worship and our various training tracks you will be challenged and grow into a dynamic leader who carries the Fire & Fragrance DNA. 


The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is YWAM’s six month entry level course, embodying YWAM’s mission to know God and make Him known. DTS provides an environment for students to personally encounter Jesus Christ, learn to hear God’s voice, and respond with joy!

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DTS Teaching Topics

Hearing God’s Voice

The Father heart of God

Identity in Christ

The Cross

How to study and communicate God’s Word effectively

The Nature and Character of God

Biblical worldview

Intercession and spiritual warfare

The Holy Spirit


Cross-cultural ministry


At the completion of the classroom phase, students have the opportunity to ‘make God known’ in the outreach phase. The Gospel comes alive as students step out in faith to preach the good news, baptize new believers and heal the sick (Mark 16:15-18). Outreach is an exhilarating time of risk and adventure, as teams serve with local believers: transforming lives and impacting society with the love of Jesus Christ.

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The First Time Families See A Bible…

The First Time Families See A Bible In The Himalayas  ⋅  22/09/16

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500 People Give Their Lives To Jesus

500 People Give Their Lives To Jesus  ⋅  22/09/16

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Five Steps To Raise $10,000 For DTS!

Five Steps To Raise $10,000 For DTS!  ⋅  22/09/16

With the right perspective, raising money for your DTS will be fun! So here are five steps you’ll need to raise the $7,000 due 30 days before you arrive in Kona! Get God’s Perspective. God is your provider, not your rich uncle. Trust God to provide for you, this will take the pressure off the people you ask. You can invite them to donate but you won’t feel bad if…
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With the right perspective, raising money for your DTS will be fun! So here are five steps you’ll need to…

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Sam Chang

Sam & Crystal Chang have been a part of YWAM since 2006. Our hearts and passion are to train, disciple and send young men and women into the nations. We believe that we are living in the best days!

Zane Nicks

I’m from Denver, and I did my DTS with Fire&Fragrance in fall of 2016. I love being part of activating the next generation. My heart burns to see the body of Christ united, active, and in love with Jesus.

Amanda Roppo

Amanda Roppo was raised in Colorado Springs. She grew up in YWAM and came and did Awaken DTS in Kona a year after graduating college. Six months after she jumped into staff with Fire and Fragrance in pursuit of seeing missions accomplished through prayer and worship. One of her greatest desires is to see others living in the fullness given to us through the Gospel of Jesus, living in simple obedience to His voice, and sharing His love across the nations of the world. Amanda and her husband Michael are believing that this generation will rise up to be radically in love with and set apart to Jesus and His purposes.

Israel Ballweber

Izzy has been working with YWAM since 2016. She did her DTS with Fire & Fragrance in Kona. It’s been her joy to fall more in love with God and see her generation enter into their callings.

Tallulah Crawley

My name is Tallulah Crawley – I did my DTS in January 2016, and I can honestly say that my life has never been the same. Jesus did so much in my heart, but the thing that I have been marked by is that in Jesus all things are possible. All sickness can be healed, all dreams can be fulfilled and all hearts can be reconciled to the Father.

Nick Patchen

My name is Nick Patchen. I did my DTS in January of 2017. During that school the Lord lit a fire in my heart for intimacy with Him that has continued to grow ever since. My passion is to know Jesus and to make His name famous across the earth. My longing is to see young people raised up to know two things: That Jesus loves them, and that He wants to use them to change the world.

Andrew Hutchinson

I did my DTS with Fire and Fragrance in 2015 here at YWAM Kona. The Lord radically changed his life during his DTS. He is passionate about seeing people come to know the Lord and be equipped to fulfill everything the Lord has called them to be and do. Andy loves exploring new places, loves the ocean and loves living in Hawaii. He is from Auckland, New Zealand.

Carin Cochrane

Hi, I’m Carin, I did my DTS with Fire and Fragrance in 2016, but grew up as a YWAM kid in India. Jesus has transformed my life, and I am passionate about people falling radically in love with Jesus, growing in understanding of His purposes and plans for them, and bringing His love to the nations.

Carlo Llopis

My name is Carlo, I did my DTS in 2012 with Compassion Ablaze. I joined Fire and Fragrance in 2014. I have become more passionate in chasing after Jesus ever since. I love getting to be involved in watching as students and staff get their lives radically transformed by the love of God year after year!

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