We will push you to pursue the God-given calling on your life. We want to equip
you with Godly character as well as the practical skills to make an impact
on your mission field—in the nations and your sphere of influence.

The University of the Nations is specifically designed to develop young people
into holistic, Bibilcal leaders. We want you to have long term success. So we
will develop your virtue, knowledge and practical skill set.

YWAM started a university so every sphere of society could be impacted by a Christian
Biblical worldview. The Great Commission is a call to disciple nations, to teach them
how to apply God’s ways in business, government, families and every part of life.

The University of the Nations (UofN) is a ministry of YWAM. It provides college
level training at 650 YWAM campuses in 160 countries. The UofN is committed to teach
and develop men and women in virtue, knowledge and skills.

Our training is all focused on activation. We want to equip young leaders with a holistic education so they can be effective in their missional calling. Our training is pointed at impacting lives and communities around the world. We are a truly multi-cultural and multi-generational university. We provide training programs in approximately 100 languages in 160 countries around the world. More about what makes us unique.

Yes! The UofN offers associate, bachelors and masters degrees in each of the
UofN colleges. But to achieve a bachelors or masters degree you must complete course work at 2 UofN campuses each in a different region of the world.

College of Health Care
College of Applied Linguistics & Languages
College of the Arts
College of Christian Ministries
College of Communication
College of Counseling
College of Education
College of Humanities and International Studies
College of Science and Technology

Various accredited institutions throughout the world accept UofN transfer students and credits. UofN is a degree granting institution (Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), but has not applied for accreditation in any one nation’s educational system. More information on UofN accreditation.

The UofN is a ministry of YWAM. Every course you take on a YWAM campus is part
of a global university called The University of the Nations.

The University of the Nations (UofN) is a ministry of YWAM. It provides college
level training at 650 YWAM campuses in 160 countries