About This Ministry

Nine years ago, in the little prayer hut on the YWAM Kona campus, convinced that he was led by the Lord, Loren Cunningham laid hands on and prayed for David Hamilton. They believed that the Lord wanted to release a language innovation that would change the world through a revolution in the way illiterate people could learn to read, write and communicate non-verbally. David Hamilton immediately received an idea in an instant; that language didn’t have to iconic like some Asian languages such as Mandarin Chinese, where a symbol represents an idea. Neither did it have to be uniquely phonic like Western languages where letters represent sounds, but it could be both.

Uniskript is the result of that inspirational and revolutionary idea.



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Our Focus

The Uniskript ministry responds to the educational injustice produced by illiteracy and creates new approaches to empower people to engage with transformative communication tools. This is accomplished as we equip and train linguistic innovators and literacy enabler to develop and produce innovative writing systems and teaching methods address and eradicate Bible poverty and societal marginalization


Staff Opportunities


Those passionate about languages & cultures & would like to serve the nations. If you have training in Linguistics, Education, Font & Graphic Design, Illustration, Anthropology or Sociology, this is the right environment for you!

Focus Nations

Nations with high illiteracy rates

Ministry Activities

Equipping teachers and linguistic innovators with unique writing and teaching methods to overcome educational injustice.

More Information

Interested in learning more? Contact us at : uniskript@gmail.com