Olivia Olson

It never crossed my mind to be a worship leader. But my YWAM leaders and friends saw my gift and challenged me to pursue it. God has called me to raise up people that are passionate for God’s presence. In worship we can hear God’s voice and be led by his word. In YWAM, I […]

Chimene Djeumo

YWAM gave me a holistic education. Through the course work I learned how to be an excellent teacher. But YWAM gave me more than knowledge, it also shaped my character and leadership. I have served as a mentor, small group leader, outreach coordinator, department leader and trainer. Each course and position had a unique way […]

Blake Casteel

I pioneered Respect The Corners so that we could mentor athletes and challenge them to use their fitness for the Great Commission.  In YWAM, I have been surrounded by leaders who saw my potential. They challenged me to pursue my God-given dream. They helped me develop Godly character and a strong marriage. YWAM pushed me to become a […]

Erwin Jadraque

I want to influence young people towards Jesus. I want to meet them where they’re at. I am using my creativity on Tiktok, Instagram, getting involved in music, culture and fashion so people can meet Jesus.  YWAM gave me the opportunity to lead and championed me as a young person. They put me in the […]

Stephanie Nery

I met Jesus in a radical way, went to nursing school, and then did my DTS. God is using me in tangible ways to serve my community as a nurse. YWAM helped me find the work I do now at a local Pregnancy Center in Kona.  I had the opportunity to staff DTS but I […]

Corrie Werts

I work as the Executive Director of Liv. Pregnancy & Women’s Wellness in Kona, Hawaii. We help women who have unexpected pregnancies. We give them support and help them navigate their next steps and advocate for life. We serve families from all walks of life and cultures.  My calling is both spiritual and physical. I […]

Ava Moore

I moved to a country where 42% of women give birth without a skilled care provider. The maternal death rate is 20 times higher than my home country. Perinatal care and education is desperately needed.  There are 25 million people in this nation who have never been introduced to Jesus. I believe caring for these […]

Frankie Lagana

I felt God calling me to be a TikTok influencer. I started a house church for other creators in LA. I’ve seen people get delivered from self hatred, lust, suicide and give their lives to Jesus. I’ve seen Jesus do miracles for some of the largest influencers on Instagram and TikTok. My YWAM leaders are […]

Samuel Rich

I create films to inspire individuals and organizations to strengthen, preserve and reunite families. I’m passionate about sharing innovative solutions for children who are trapped on the streets and in orphanages. In YWAM, I was surrounded by leaders who encouraged me to step out of fear and creative comparison. I discovered God called me to […]

Paola Torres

YWAM helped me fully surrender my life to Jesus. I figured out that I want to serve the poor. I serve on a team that is providing education and healthcare. We also build homes for these families and help them start small businesses. In my community development school I learned that God wants to empower […]