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Hi, I’m

Ava Moore

Childbirth Care

I moved to a country where 42% of women give birth without a skilled care provider.

The maternal death rate is 20 times higher than my home country. Perinatal care and education is desperately needed. 

There are 25 million people in this nation who have never been introduced to Jesus. I believe caring for these mother’s will open doors for the gospel.

Hi, I’m

Ava Moore

Childbirth Care

Chosen pathway

Yr 1


God addressed so many areas in my heart that needed healing and freedom. I got a foundation to live and serve God as a healthy human being.

Yr 2–3

DTS Staff

Staffing DTS developed my leadership skills, gave me a heart for discipleship, and developed a vision for how the gospel can impact a community.

Yr 4

Revival and Reformation

This school was a launchpad. It helped me narrow down the Great Commission and find my personal calling. I figured out how to use my gifts to bring a holistic gospel to the unreached.


YWAM Teams in Nations

I am learning the local language and finding ways to bring perinatal care to remote mountain villages.

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Our training will prepare you to change lives and transform communities.

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