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Hi I am

Chimene Djeumo


YWAM gave me a holistic education. Through the course work I learned how to be an excellent teacher. But YWAM gave me more than knowledge, it also shaped my character and leadership. I have served as a mentor, small group leader, outreach coordinator, department leader and trainer. Each course and position had a unique way of building me up.

Administrative work taught me to be more organized. Working in the housekeeping and in maintenance taught me to be a joyful servant. Teaching students taught me patience and developed my creativity. 

Joining Ywam was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I have been so blessed, inspired and challenged by my Ywam leaders, co-workers and students all over the world.

Hi I am

Chimene Djeumo


Chosen pathway

Yr 1

School of Communications, School of Humanities, Foundation in Education

My UofN degree took me to campuses around the world. My first year I took courses in Switzerland and Mozambique.

Yr 2

Community Development School

I got practical skills training at a YWAM Campus in Samoa.

Yr 3

Primary Education Practicum

I worked with children in the YWAM UofN Kona campus schools.

Yr 4

Primary Education Methods and Models, Primary Education Practicum II, Primary Education Outreach

I applied the skills I had developed on outreach in Cameroon.

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