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What sets this course apart is the integrated approach that includes identifying your core vision, developing a true framework for action, and utilizing available network opportunities to generate transformation in your sphere of interest. Our learning style will be rooted in classroom discussions and processes of revelatory discovery with the Word of God as our foundation. Our goal is to create a platform that guides, resources, and generates global opportunities for you to activate the vocational calling in you.

This course is also known as Humanities and Science: A Christian Perspective.



September to December, exact days TBA


  • Arrival Day: September 29, 2022
  • Departure Day: December 22, 2022


$4395 + airfare. For degree students, please reach out to for specifics on the degree discount.




Pre-requisites: YWAM  DTS

Course Code: HMT211

UofN Credits: 12

In accordance with State Law, all students and student children must present proof of age appropriate vaccinations in order to attend any program at the University of the Nations—YWAM Kona. Please click here for the vaccination requirements.

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If we look carefully at this world with open minds and hearts, we will see God’s character revealed everywhere.  He is in the created order, in the amazing events of human history, in great works of art, in the highs and lows of human experience and in the richness of cultures.

This course takes us on a journey to find out more about the God who speaks through all of these, and then challenges us to renew our minds and take a thoughtful Christian view into the world, our world, and make a lasting difference. It includes the humanities and science and technology, looking at the achievements and failures of individuals, societies, and nations, past and present.

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We will be hosting:

Book readings include:

  • How Then Shall We Live – Francis Schaeffer

  • The Reason for God – Tim Keller

  • Kingdom Calling – Amy Sherman

  • Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis

  • Futureville – Skye Jethani

Weekly blogs and movie reviews will also be incorporated into the dynamics of the school.

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The school really challenged us to think outside of the box and get out of our comfort zones. My eyes were opened to a lot of the issues concerning the world and feel like I can no longer be quiet or absent to how not only non-believers are treating each other and the world, but how us Christians have been so asleep to the subjects such as injustice or bioethics etc. thinking that we cannot make a difference. Through this school, not only did the lectures opened up my eyes and mind to other worldviews, but our leaders and staffs has really empowered us and walked with us, to help us see that nothing is too little to care about and nothing is too big that we cannot do. I am so encouraged now that I know my responsibility as a believer and I believe this school has laid a strong foundation for my vocational calling in the future. So thankful for this school, and highly recommend every secondary student to do this school. 

Ursula – Taiwan

The school has helped me understand really deep issues that people don’t really like to talk about today, helped me see poverty in a whole new way,  really sharpen my passion and tangible things I could do to achieve my vision. And also has helped me grow wiser. 

Recky – Papua New Guinea

I now have confident opinions on a lot of very challenging topics. 

Rachel – USA


In-depth studies in Biblical Worldview

History of Ideas & their impact around the world

God at work in history

God, Justice, and Society

Public Policy: A Biblical Framework

Current World Affairs & International Relations

Poverty, Entrepreneurship and Economic Justice

Creative Arts, Literature and Culture

Environmental Stewardship

Science & Missions

Bio-ethics: A Biblical Worldview in Medical Ethics

Other activities include: o Developing a comprehensive ‘Framework for Action’ Using tools for social transformation

Networking opportunities in areas of passion



Outreach and internships are optional. We have an integrated approach that helps you identify your core vision, develop concrete action steps, and utilize our extensive network for opportunities to work in sphere of interest.

Our goal is to create a platform that guides, resources, and generates global opportunities for you. We want to see your burning vision activated.

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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE NATIONS IS NOT ACCREDITED BY AN ACCREDITING AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.  Admission to the University of the Nations (U of N) and any of its sponsored programs is open to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, and educationally unrelated handicaps. U of N reserves the right to change schedules and course offerings as deemed necessary.